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Is there a quantity or time limit on the things displayed in the live gallery?


I noticed that some items that used to be in the live gallery on gigs are no longer there.

Is there a set maximum of items that appear in the live gallery of a gig - eg. 18? (and if so wouldn’t it be better if that maximum was increased so buyers can have more of an idea what is delivered and if the seller has done anything similar to what they want previously)?

Or is there a limit by date so that deliveries completed over a certain time ago no longer appear?

Is there any other reason a gig may no longer appear in the live gallery? I assume if a buyer no longer has an active account it will also not appear or if they ask support to remove them.

edit: I assume the limit is just around 16 to 18 of past deliveries shown depending on the how many images a gig has? But shouldn’t the it be set higher than that (for reasons stated above)?