Is there a reason for these pictures?


Hello Fiverr Family,

I came across this page when I searched for Voice Overs on Fiverr and I was wondering if there is a reason that almost all the gig pics are head shots?

If there is a reason, I was wondering if I should change my voice over gig pic to a head shot.

Thank you in advance.

Pastor Dre


The gig sellers have obviously decided that head shot videos are the way to go!

There seem to be two schools of thought - show your face so people get a better idea of putting your voice with your face, or leaving your face off to create an air of mystery!


That’s meh…:alien:


I think generally fiverr likes to see a face in a gig.

In voicovers in particular, a face should be shown to make people want to hear the voice that goes with it. You are selling your “type” in a voiceover so the face is important.




That being said, perhaps having a gig in the voiceover category that doesn’t have a headshot, MAY be what gets you noticed in a sea of faces :v:t2:


I agree with @leahemme. I wouldn’t worry about it but you can always test the theory to see if you get more sales ;). I personally don’t have a headshot ( German voice over category) and I never had one and I seem to be one of the top sellers in that category.

I know the English voice over category has quite the competition, test it and maybe let us know down the road if it made a difference :).
Good luck!


In my opinion showing yourself on your profile and gigs shows that you are serious and are professional.

If I go to a profile and their pictures is say a football for example. I wouldn’t take them as serious as someone with a genuine picture of themselves.

That’s generally speaking, Not ALWAYS the case though.

Matteo :slight_smile: