Is There A Review Bug?


Hey guys,

Something strange has happened this week.

I have delivered a number of orders and then I get a notification that the order has been marked as complete, but there are no reviews from clients or no option [for me] to leave a review either.

Yes, yes, I know that clients don’t always leave reviews, but two of the orders I delivered this week were repeated customers who ALWAYS left reviews. I find it really strange and wondering if there is a bug. I wanted to ask from one of the clients if they saw an option to leave a feedback, but I feel really weird about talking to clients about reviews\feedback.

Has this happened to anyone this week? Is it possible there is a bug? Should I contact Support?



Buyers are given two chances to review the seller’s work before they complete the order. :neutral_face:

Now the seller’s review shows up on the buyer’s profile. I believe that there are many buyers who do not want such reviews to appear on their profiles. :roll_eyes:

In order to avoid having a seller’s reviews from being on their profiles, all a buyer has to do is not review the seller. I predict the new system will mean fewer reviews for sellers. :frowning:


I’m Also facing same problem…even my order rate is decreasing day by day :frowning:


I contacted one of my repeat clients last night and asked about it, and they told me that the usual option to leave feedback wasn’t there. I knew something was strange. Now as a seller, I have no idea or control on what clients are seeing on the other end. This is getting frustrating. We sellers need this reviews an ratings. Why doesn’t Fiverr care more about sellers?


Good for you following up to see if Fiverr’s communication to the buyer has changed, as that totally plays a role in if you get a review or not!

Thanks for the heads up.