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Is there a shortage of sales?

Is there a shortage of sales or just for me ? becouse all my buyer is happy with my work

I’m not sure how there could be a “shortage” of sales. There are no sales guarantees on Fiverr, nor is there any kind of “regular level of sales” that would denote a shortage.

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Fiverr has made a lot of changes, these changes could be affecting sales. I’m not the only one experiencing less sales and making peanuts compared to what I used to make.


Same happened to me!!!

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Getting order is completely a random stuff. I experienced a couple of months when I got fewer orders than the month I joined. And, compared to previous month, it’s fewer for me but who knows? One more week to go!
So as Jon said, you, me or anyone can’t predict how much order you will get. And if you can’t predict there’s no shortage. :smiley:


We cannot say anything authentic regarding the consistency of getting orders.Its a marketplace and ups and downs are the part of it.

Start with your analytics data

  • Are you getting fewer impressions? If so then probably your position in search results has changed. There can be a ton of reasons behind it. Have you made any changes to your gigs? Has there been any change you your KPI’s like cancellation rate? Check the sellers in your category to see if there’s a new player in town?
  • If the amount of clicks has not changed, but your conversion is going down then maybe it’s time to freshen up your gigs. Add new items to your portfolio, optimize your gig description, play around with the prices etc.
  • Has there been a shift in user behavior? For example, last year when I added Avada in my gig description I found quite a few clients using that theme. Today it’s irrelevant because Divi & Elementor are preferred themes. I’m sure there are changing trends in logo design.
  • Have you done any research on why your clients picked you? For example, I have an optional question in the gig requirement. Reviews are great but asking a direct question about why they picked you might give you more insight.

These are just a few things you can look into, but it could easily be a number of different reasons that are outside of your control.

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promote and share your gigs on social media keep engaging with your customer dont let them go bargain give some discount offers etc

I know this is a problem on a site because they put it in a change and And we were there influence on some people negative :sweat::sweat::sweat: