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Is there a time limit on how long I can keep my funds in fiverr account?

I have some funds in my fiverr account for over a month now, but I am in no rush to withdraw them yet. I would prefer to accumulate a bigger amount and withdraw them all together.
Can I do that?
Is there any maximum timeperiod, after which I have to withdraw my funds from fiverr account, otherwise there will be penalties?


Hi there,
no penalties whatsoever as long as you still have an access to your account. I mean you don’t violate some fiverr rules that may lead to your account being disabled. You can withdraw whenever you wish to

Thank you so much i_am_ola.
Yes I don’t plan to break any TOS intentionally :grin:
So I will continue to keep funds in the account.
Thank you once again in helping me resolve this.


Wish you best of luck friend :wink:

I wouldn’t recommend keeping them in the account because although you might think you are on the right side, it only takes afew seconds to get your account disabled. Assume you are chatting with a buyer them after delivery the buyer send you a message “I can’t see the delivered files please email me because I already paid with paypal and would like to give a 5 star review” This kind of message could seem harmless but can also cause the fiverr volcano to erupt… Then there is also the random cases about the withdrawal button being disabled.

Hello there,
Yes, you can keep your amount on Fiverr account untill your expect amount and there are no time period to withdrown in a certain period.
But the best will be if you transfer it on your own bank account And withdrow when you wish.

Thank you so much and best of luck to you too

Yeah that’s a good point to think about too.
Thanks for pointing it out :+1:

Yeah would be doing that soon.
Thank you

Nice insights. Thanks for the contributions.