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Is there a way to approve requirements?

Recently two buyers made an order and “gave requirements”. One wrote “I will send you my requirements soon” and the other gave me a link to a google doc I could not access. I wish sellers had a way to approve requirements before the clock starts ticking


Yes! You have absolutely right. :grin:

It’s frustrating when this happens. If it helps at all, what I do is send a message asking politely for requirements with a clear yet reasonable deadline by which I will request cancellation if I don’t receive the requirements. I even use this when I haven’t been given clear enough requirements.

What happens usually is that buyers either send the requirements within the deadline or they come to me with requirements and agree to an extension on the order (as far as I know, extensions don’t negatively impact your account, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). Worst case scenario they accept the cancellation.

Recently, I also made a change to the way I request requirements by adding questions that will give me at least some idea of what they want. It’s made managing orders from click-happy buyers more manageable.

Hope these tips helps somehow :slight_smile:

The questions are a good idea. I thought that cancelling orders has negative consequences

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Cancellations unfortunately impact your completion rate. Of course, you don’t get impacted from just a few cancellations. If your completion rate goes below 90%, that’s when you will see a negative impact. I do advise against focusing too much on keeping a 100% completion rate as it will likely drive you nuts. I did so in the past and ended up doing orders that didn’t fit the scope of my gig.

Another way to approach cancellations is by asking customer support (CS) to cancel your order. It’s best to do this when you receive an order that doesn’t fit your gig’s scope or if your buyer is completely unreasonable or offensive. Keep in mind that CS will likely take a while to cancel your order.

In my two years of experience on Fiverr, I have learned that prevention is better than reaction. Spend time making your gig as clear and specific as possible. Make sure your FAQs are set up so that buyers know what you will and won’t do. It’s also never bad to repeat something you state in the description by adding it as an FAQ as well. For instance, as a video games writer I often get asked if I can write about online gambling and poker. I have a bolded message in my description that says I don’t write about gambling as well as an FAQ question that states the same with an explanation that I have no expertise in this area. Still, I’ve had a buyer once put an order in for an online poker platform so I had to take a hit to completion rate. It happens. At least it’s not happening regularly and that’s the point.

Bottom line: work on your gig continuously until you have something that fully reflects what you do and makes it clear to your prospective buyers. Then, continue improving. :slight_smile:

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You just struck the chord so fine! man :man:

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