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Is there a way to block specific buyers from sending you orders?

I would like to know if there is a way to reject certain orders or even block the person from sending you orders

There’s no way to block a buyer.

You can only cancel the order and politely ask the buyer not to purchase from you.

Or you can report the problem to support and see if they can help you resolve it.

You cannot block people from Fiverr, sorry! The best thing to do is to report and message Customer Support regarding your issue. Blessings!

I agree with @psychicbunny that’s the best way to do it.

I can feel your pain. I would like to be able to block complete locations. This would be great.

ok so that will appear on my “number of cancels section” right? wont that affect my gigs?

Thank you all for your tips, my problem is I get these crazy orders from buyers who demand way too much. my gig description explicitly states what I do and the limits of the job but someone still orders and send a message giving all sorts of demands that are unreasonable.

Since I’m new and trying to build a good profile I work extra hard to deliver on the order and tell them next time they should order gig extras if they want that kind of work done for them, but what do you know they send another order with even more demands!!!

At this rate I will die of burn out just to earn 5 bucks! Fiverr needs to do something about this.

Is there a Fiverr suggestion box, maybe we can spam them into introducing a block/reject order button

Cancellations only affect you if they’re not mutual, or if there’s really a huge number of them.