Is there a way to contact Fiverr if an order hasn't been done? [ARCHIVED]



The other day I bought 6 gigs at a place I bought 2 gigs before.

First 2 he did excellent, the one where I bought 6 he did one the other 5 he didn’t.
Obviously I contacted him about it but I don’t hear anything.

After he did one he said job is done. I did contact him but am not hearing anything from him (yet).

I was wondering is there anything Fiverr could do about it?

I ask because if nothing can be done there’s no other thing I can do than ask Paypal for a refund (according to me the first time in more than 10 years that I have Paypal) I’d rather not do that but if the job isn’t done I shouldn’t let him get away with it even though he did do the first 2 gigs well.


So I write this hoping this can be resolved :slight_smile: perhaps he can still do the 5 gigs even though it wouldn’t be in time that’s fine if he now does them say before Tuesday :slight_smile:



Going to PayPal for a refund isn’t a great idea, your account could be blocked by Fiverr, here’s what I’d do.

Firstly, if the order is still open, you have the opportunity to REJECT the delivery by the seller and try to work things out with them and try to get them to deliver the agreed work. to do that Click on the Having problems link under the message box on the order.

If you can’t do that, then the best course of action is to speak with the customer support team and they will be sure to help you.

Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Best regards



Hi Wayne,

Oh glad you tell me that I didn’t know one couldn’t do a refund which in a way I find odd since people can abuse it. They just can take orders not do them and then take the money since we can’t ask for a refund. Odd.

Thank you again for letting me know one can lose ones account for asking for a refund.

Unfortunately I can’t REJECT the delivery I don’t see the resolve problems link I was looking for a way to contact Fiverr couldn’t find so thank you I will contact them hopefully we can resolve it :slight_smile:


No Problem, Best of luck :slight_smile:


Perhaps he will do them after all :slight_smile: He did say I do only 1 at a time. Just not smart that one can purchase more at a time so I hope he’ll do them even though it’s later that’s fine :slight_smile: As long as he does them and Wayne, thank you :slight_smile:



You can always contact Customer Support using the link at the bottom of any page in the footer. Be sure to have the order number handy. I agree with Wayne that first trying to work with the seller is key but in the end if the seller does not deliver you can ask Fiverr to intervene.




Hey everyone! I’ve just recently been scammed by this seller, Fragglesrock (

Seems pretty impressive so I ordered two gigs! He delivered it, actually over delivered. Then, after 3 days, the subscribers were GONE!!! Apparently he only adds you to a list and not really provide actual subscribers and now they’re gone. He won’t respond to your request to give the subscribers back.

Will NEVER ORDER his gigs again.

Sheriff’s note: please don’t call out other users. Thank you :slight_smile:


How can I contact fivver - I had a warning as follows;

Hi stayblack1974,

We do not allow referring users to sites off Fiverr. However, for the purpose of displaying additional samples of your work, you may use a link to flickr (for photos, illustrations and graphics) or youtube (for video, audio and animation). All communications, ordering, delivery, and payments must be completed exclusively within

Please note that such warning may affect your eligibility for Levels and other features, as well as your account status.


The Fiverr Team

I have no idea what the above meant and what have I done - I did NOT recommend the buyer to go elsewhere!-

another question that I have is if fivver can recheck my revenue section there $4 sitting there over two weeks to be cleared - and still not can you porvide me some answers direct to my inbox- please?


Reply to @stayblack1974: You can contact customer services here


hi people finally i got a the email


Here is another URL you might find userful that I just used… because a Bitcoin payment that I made that was successfully completed did not generate an order# at

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links that are not allowed.



I don’t know what to say, if somebody not delivering what they saying they will deliver,after that they pretending being friendly, trying to solve problem,but at the end if you’re not happy with the results, and there’s no modification (order delivered) you left feedback from your experience(right after feedback, title of the gig was changed) and getting bad one back because he haven’t delivered what you paid for. Asking for refund from PayPal no good, but the seller does nothing. In this case what should I do.

First order, big disappointed, second to. Bought 2x4000 likes, wright after picture was change to 1000, see ‘order delivered’ but can’t see a single ‘like’ on my page. Can somebody tell why those things happen here on the world’s largest marketplace

for services.

Thank you for you time.


PAHLEEEESE the forum does not work i want my money back for a job that showed up 5 days later after I paid for a 24 hour rush order and it was the worst job ever …i tried to sign into customer support and It did allow me to sign in. It said I did not exist. Fiverr needs a phone number to call! Hell I will pay $5.00 to talk to someone (revenue generating idea here- hint!! FIVERR CALL $5) here are my issues:

  1. I want my refund for a bad, terrible sorry ass job that was delayed by the agent! no more resolution, (I DO NOT WANT A CASH REFUND I WANT MY 15.00 CREDIT TO USE SOMEWHERE ELSE ON FIVERR
  2. I want to have access and clear steps to resolve my request for refund! OMG!!!
  3. I was with Fiverr long before these types of pages existed, long before the opportunity and two customers approached me to evaluate their business plan for $5.00. They asked me to write their business plan & build a social media response & a series of other things for the five dollars. So when I refused to do their work they rated me bad and I never worked for them at all! I NEVER interacted with them at all. Fiverr did not have these new formats so I did not have any one to correct the error and remove it from my page. OMG!!!
  4. I cannot even reactivate!!!
  5. The three individuals that I did do work for and rated me great never showed up on my page!!



hello, can i chane my pofile name and my place (unknown my country ) please help me


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I was not happy with the work. It was not according to my understanding with the seller. Once he delivered, I asked him to redo it. I was not aware I have to reject it on the order page, instead - I was friendly and asked him many times to redo. Now, about a week past and I cannot cancel my order although it is far from what we agreed and was delivered late.
Please help me cancel and refund!!!


Reply to @kjblynx:
That doesn’t work since the seller will keep declining the cancellation over and over and over and over again


Reply to @testing17: Do you or anyone know how someone can actually talk with FIVERR