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Is there a way to contact Fiverr regarding changing a review?

Hi Everyone,

I am new here and I feel as though the service I received hasn’t come to fruition, and yet, I was asked to complete a review. I was told organic movement could take weeks and so when delivery happens and there are no results, I would have to base it on what I see now and not what it could be in a week’s time. I did delay writing the review by a day.

I am wondering if there is a way to contact the review moderators to allow me to amend my review at a future date.

Thank you.

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Hi, you can try talking to Customer Service but they may well decline.

before you do this I would strongly advise to talk with the seller and ask them to explain how you should be using this thing so you get the results you expect (and they hopefully made) as it may be perfect but suffering from user error (embarrassing as that may be).

TBH I am not sure what your issue is, whether you are buyer or seller (leaning to buyer). So please be really sure that you explain clearly what your issue is.

For example: I recently mixed a song for someone, they sent me long videos about how they wanted all their vocal parts moved around. I kept declining. This was frustrating because I do not do vocal editing, nor do I move things. They never once stated as fact that some of the vocal parts were in the wrong place. Eventually I worked out what was wrong (something that would likely not have happened if the client had supplied all the info I asked for) and it was an easy fix - considering I had to start the whole job over again. Once we were on the same page and I had all the info I needed, they were delighted with the mix. So was I past the 10 hours used for $22. Grrr.


You don’t have to review immediately, even if fiverr’s prompting you to - so you can give it time. I think you have a few days before it automatically is marked as complete.

Once you write a review you cannot amend it… so depending on the type of service you purchase - it is sometimes important to wait that few days out … so you can see if there is any indication of satisfactory results OR not.

A poor, or less than satisfactory review - is potentially detrimental to a seller, and unfair - if you realize later, that their service was as described.

Reviews are highly important, so review with caution please. :sunflower:

Thank you benedictrm and social honor for your response.

I had paid for an organic promotion of my song. It was aimed at an audience of 7 to 10 million. At the time when the seller deemed it delivered, I had not seen any results. Even today, a few days after my review which I waited an extra day to comment, there was no data to show streams had come in. It was 0. I had to base it on what I currently saw at that point which was nothing. I gave a 5 for communication and 3s for the other two categories. In reality, it should have been a 1 for service as described and thus affecting the recommendation too. The seller ended up getting 3.7 when it should have been lower.

Honestly this is not likely what you think at all. This is at best a borderline service for anyone to be offering.

Organic means natural growth, as in, for some reason like my Droog Bob tells about your song, I come over, play it, like it and Subscribe so I get told when you have a new song. It happened by itself with little to no “planting of seeds”.

This is not the sort of thing you can really buy unless you paid Bob to talk to me. Creepy.
You can put adverts on busses as I saw with a Fifty Cent album. But that only works if people know who Fiddy is, or like his look enough to search for him.

Most of these (dis)services that claim to bring you traffic simply build bots (or pay poor people a few cents) to visit and/or Like. Nothing is built. Google or YouTube may well see all the odd traffic and de-rank you for spamming.

So if nothing happened, you probably did business with someone who isn’t even any good at spoofing their spam spoof.

Understand I am guessing, but the odds are probably on my side. I have been in the Music Game for 30+ years. Most of what people tell each other in wannabe Muso Forums is a stupid as what people with no sales here tell each other about how to get sales. Total :poop:

In selling a new act t an audience you have to work on tiny numbers of people. One at a time even. Millions at once is :crazy_face: Billie Eyelash did not get famous overnight from a bedroom recording at all. It is a nice fantasy for office-girls to think it could be them but there were years of work with promoters, managers, and money spent to get that first record made.

Does your song have a Youtube video (not the auto-create from your Aggregator)?


Oh well, if that’s the case - and you saw zero results from their advertising… it’s understandable, if you give a less than stellar review.

3.7 is quite a ding to the seller’s rating.

Obviously now - you just don’t purchase from them again.

Take care! Stay safe!

Sorry for the tardiness in response. I always find it difficult to get to the forum page. Although I have a passion for music, I have a full-time career. Perhaps in another 10 to 20 years where I am eligible to retire, I can focus on it as a second career.

I totally understand what you are saying with your practical examples regarding ‘organic’ movement. You can’t really pay anyone to promote this natural growth. It probably now explains the seller no longer is a seller here. The seller had 4.9 average, but many of the remarks were about waiting and hoping to see improvements. My review was the first low score, but it is also about accountability. I have someone else here who has been filling in my box on when to give her the go ahead. I had my credit card flagged for fraudulent practice. It happened after my purchase with Fiverr. The second purchase I made was for the current seller. The funds apparently didn’t go through although PayPal did state it did. I finally got a refund from it. Now I am thinking perhaps I should tell this seller with no ratings that I will not go through with it having read your critique on how ‘organic’ works. They could place it on any platform which could have whatever number of followers or audience, but may not be active.

I’ve put my stuff in groups where numbers were high, but it seems there is no activity.

Yes, millions at once is a pipe dream especially in a world where tens of thousands of songs are produced daily.

I tried doing a video for my first song… it wasn’t a masterpiece at all. It was just me and a tripod I used as a selfie stick. Haha. So I don’t do videos.

Exactly, especially when the seller is no longer selling. In hindsight, it should have been 5, 1, and 1 which would have been 7/3 or 2.33.

You too, stay safe!

Best wishes.

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Seeing YouTube is the #1 search engine for people looking for music, not being on YouTube is just silly. If you took the time and money you are eager to invest in schemes into something solid like a good Mix and a video, you would have something solid to build from.

Remember tho that is one person at a time. When I am on YT looking at a band I like, and get offered a new record form someone I haven’t heard for a while, or someone I haven’t heard of before, I will go take a look. If they blow me away I will research them more and if there is an album on Bandcamp I will go buy it.

This is the only practical way if you a) don’t have a huge marketing machine or b) a huge chest in a tiny bikini (and even then, that doesn’t help as much as most think as people are only there to see, not hear the song.

Build a strategy around this approach and spend money & time wisely


p.s. I wonder why you did not take the opportunity to share your video here. If you hide, no one will be able to be interested :wink: