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Is there a way to control number of articles ordered?

I love the gig limit feature, and have it set to 20 per week. However, I just had one of my regular clients order 30 articles from me, even though I have stated in my gig to contact me first for multiple orders. I’m sure I can squeeze them in, or he’ll be fine with a one day late delivery, but is there any other way I can prevent this from happening? I have a 7 day turnaround time. How do I stop someone from ordering 100 articles from me, like I read about another guy on Fiverr?

Same problem, and I’m afraid I can’t find the solution. Admittedly, I would love 50 article orders (not with my current turnaround time of course though) but I totally understand being overwhelmed by it all.

Hope it gets fixed soon! Also, pro tip, post questions like this in Conversations or another category instead of ranting pot!

Yes, I do like how I’ll have extra cash in two weeks, but it can be depressing when one doesn’t get to do anything else that day but articles!

And thank you for the tip on posting it in Conversations.

I think there’s a way to limit gig multiples. Each Level comes with a higher multiple limit (5, 10, 15, 20, for 0-TRS) on gig multiples but there may be a way to turn them off? I didn’t see it when I tried to edit my gigs, but perhaps CS knows?

Alternatively, as this is a repeat buyer of yours, tell them that you’re absolutely ecstatic to do big orders like that for them but you’d like 2 days notice (or something) before they place the order so you can put yourself in vacation mode and focus entirely on their work. Word it so it sounds like you’re doing everything you can /for them/ and to do better work for them. If they’re ordering 30 gigs from you, clearly they like you! I’m sure they won’t run away by you asking for just a little warning.

Yeah, I just got two orders for 2000 word articles. What fun am I right?

Anyways, of course! I’m more of a lurker here on the forums (reading the Ranting Pot is a real treat sometimes) but I’m always happy to help.

I’m curious how you get so many orders in such a competitive area? I used to get more volume, now not so much. Any secrets!? Haha.

Side note: A good way to deter orders when I used to deal with high volume is to simply up the delivery time and make a notation in the description. I am not sure how this may effect your rankings, though.