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Is there a way to deliver an order w/o buyer requirements?

Hello Everyone,

I have a question that I’m hoping someone will be able to answer. If a buyer has not filled out the buyer requirements, is there a way that I can override it and make the order active in my que, so that I can deliver it? I already clicked “resolution center” and that didn’t seem to be an option, but maybe I’m missing something.

Here’s my issue. I have a customer who wants me to write a two page sales pitch (600 words). My $5 gig is for 1 page (300 words). They ordered two $5 gigs. They completed the buyer requirements of one gig and gave me all the info that I need. They didn’t fill out the buyer requirements on the second gig. I sent them a message, letting them know that I won’t be able to deliver the second page unless they put something in the buyer requirements fields to make the gig active. They haven’t responded and now the order (one of them anyway) is due tomorrow.

Since I know what they need, is there a way to push past the requirements and deliver the order without them?

Thanks so much to anyone who might have the answer! :slight_smile:

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Hi Jen!

The second order shouldn’t start without the buyer requirements, so it can’t be late if it hasn’t started. :slight_smile:

You could try using the new, improved nudge button?

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There’s absolutely no way of starting the order without the requirements.

I wouldn’t work on a project without the order being active.

Best of luck!


Thank you for answering :slight_smile:

Yeah, I saw that the Nudge! Nudge! is gone :slight_smile: I was mortified the first time I used that :stuck_out_tongue:

I know it’s not going to be late. It’s just that I think the buyer is expecting me to deliver both pages on the first gig, since it’s all the same sales pitch. I guess I’m just hoping to push the order through since I don’t really need the requirements and just want to take care of the customer :confused:

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Thank you for your input :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll just write the first 300 words, and wait for the second gig to go active before starting the second 300. I’ve just never written half of something so short before! :confused: It’s frustrating.

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you could also leave a note in the delivery of the first page stating that the second is done and ready but you are unable to deliver it until they submit something in that field so that it will set the fiverr order in motion. I’ve done that before and it helps.


I’ve had gigs with no requirements sitting in tow for years!

I completely feel your frustration!

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Thank you! That’s a good idea. Then I could just knock the whole order out and hold onto it until they’ve submitted the requirements :slight_smile:

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Years! :open_mouth: Oh my goodness…That’s just incredible to me. Don’t the buyers miss their money?

I guess… Not!

I’ve never understood how that can happen but it seems as though they purchased the gig, logged out of Fiverr and never returned.

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there should be a time limit. Like after six months the seller gets the funds lol

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I like that idea :slight_smile: lol

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There used to be a time that when you sent the buyer a message in the order message the timer automatically started counting down, I don’t know if it still works that way or it was just a bug.

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Yeah, I don’t see any countdown or anything. I’m not sure. I’m still fairly new to fiverr and getting my bearings. The last time I got an order w/o any requirements, I gave the guy a month and then canceled it. I just feel bad this time bc I think the buyer genuinely meant to place two orders. The first order is all set. I remember back when I placed my first order w/seller (I started as a buyer about a year ago) and I could not for the life of me figure out how to submit my buyer requirements. I understand how buyers can get confused, I just wish I had a way to resolve it for them.