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Is there a way to edit your live portfolio?

I know that this sounds bad but my live portfolio is rubbish, what’s more, I think this might be hurting my business.

Now, just to be clear why my live portfolio is rubbish, I usually always try to over deliver. If you order 300 words of writing from me, you’ll probably get 400-600 words. In like regard, if I sell a video template which you have to pay more to have customized to your branding, I’ll probably customize it to your branding anyway.

The problem with the above? I have a couple of buyers who are long-term repeat buyers who always buy regularly and always buy basic video templates. This being the case, my live portfolio is full of their stuff. At the same time, as a video creator, I always ask that buyers send me their logo on a transparent background. A lot don’t, however, and to get around this, I use an effect where I place logos into circles which match their background colors instead of just leaving them as they are or spending 20 minutes removing backgrounds myself.

Anyway. Fiverr now coalesces all individual gig live portfolios on main user profile pages and this is really detrimental to me. It makes it look like all I am capable of producing is the same video over and over, as well as videos with block circular logos floating around.

Now, since live portfolios don’t show any writing which I deliver, I think I am going to start getting around this by delivering images of writing which I deliver with some kind of brand mark. Still, though, I don’t want my live portfolio to show just what I sell the most of. I want to ideally show the kind of video and writing work which I want to show off. I mean, I just had a guy who was over the moon about a copy I wrote for his electronic countersurveillance tech and a buyer who gave me hell over a copy for the same price, for his scam cleaning company.

I want a world where my portfolio reflects the best work which I have done, not the best work I have been able to do with the crap people pay me most of the time.

So… Am I missing something? Can we edit our own portfolios? Or should I just think about disabling this feature on some gigs?


I just had a look at your profile with reviews, and your gig with the real estate videos and the videos look amazing. I’m not sure what live portfolio you mean. I saw two pictures of your work next to only two of the reviews and those didn’t show anything worthwhile so is that what you mean?

I see this feature where you can view all deliveries on some profiles but didn’t see it on yours, such as on this profile, I’m not sure how this is turned on (mods this is not spam, just one example of a live portfolio feature I haven’t seen before):

Mmmhh… This is interesting. On the way I see my live portfolio, there are no still images. I think I know which ones you mean but I didn’t know these showed. I have also just noticed that when I click, ‘see all deliveries’ my live portfolio starts showing work randomly from different points in my delivery history.

In either case, I would ideally like a way to decide what shows overall. I think I might have to brace myself for a dreaded direct CS inquiry. - Nothing against CS but I hate being the bloke who rocks up when something isn’t really the most urgent thing in the world.

OK, I see the problem, I’m talking about this live portfolio which apparently you can’t see.

Any idea why I can’t see it?

I have no idea. Maybe this is a newish feature which depends on location. I’m going to look for a US person doing similar work and see if I can see theirs.

I just went back to take a look at the other profile live portfolio of dearartpkp, and now I can’t see that one either. It must be in beta testing.

Ok, apparently this is a new feature as I just noticed the below on a sellers gig:

Screenshot from 2017-10-10 23-42-51

I’m a bit confused now though, as this has been bugging for weeks already to the extent that I have been asking some buyers to tick the box saying they do not want work adding to my portfolio.

Don’t you just hate it when you don’t know if you have a legitimate problem or what you’re experiencing is down to a change in the Matrix? Now I can’t even go to CS as it wouldn’t be fair to complain about something they haven’t fully rolled out yet.

Darn it!