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Is there a way to field orders before they come in?

I don’t understand why it is allowed for a negative impact to fall on the seller if buyers blatantly disregard gig descriptions or order incorrectly? Is there any solution to fielding these orders before they come in and start negatively impacting my cancellation rates? For example, a buyer reached out to me directly with a custom request, to which I responded I was not the right person for what they were asking for. They went ahead and placed the order with me anyways after I told them I was not suited to do it. Is there an option somewhere on fiverr for me to accept/confirm orders on a case by case basis as they come in? I feel like that would make a lot more sense than this current system.

No, there is not. …

I receive 4-5 orders per month from customers that I have to cancel immediately. Because of laziness. Those people always believe that I write applications in English - which I don’t do.

Is so - since the support takes so long to answer of course even worse. So I cancel them myself.

Makes a lot of sense if the evaluation period is 30 days for the ratings, but the cancellation disappears after 60 days.

I don’t care about the rating and do my own thing for now. Since then I sleep better.