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Is there a way to find out what keywords buyers are using on Fivver?

I don’t see that anywhere, but maybe I’m not looking in the right place?

I can do keyword research for outside Fivver, but that doesn’t tell me what keywords are most used here on the platform. If you’re reading this, Fiverr personnel, I believe this would be very helpful to sellers (if it doesn’t already exist).

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It’s not possible unfortunately. But how about, thinking like a buyer and just searching that on fiverr? Or see the first and second page gigs and check what keywords they are using. The more same keywords, the more chances that they will also help you with your gigs.


@mstayler1 Maybe this is not the correct answer but, I always thinking as I am the buyers to put the keywords. But, even if I put the perfect keywords (maybe) the buyers still hard to comes, then I realized that there are a lot of sellers in here with the same keywords and category as my keywords. So, the last chance is just promoting your gigs (I think it’s the wise answer for your questions). Good luck and Cheers :clinking_glasses:

Well you can look at keywords of top sellers. That will show which ones get good traffic and sales.

If you find out, let me know! I just put things that I think I’d search for in and hope for the best

Method 1

  • Type any keyword related to your services in fiverr search
  • It will show you in dropdown related keywords (e.g. Wordpress next it will show you wordpress website)
  • in this way you will have more targeted keywords related to your services.

Method 2
Search your main keyword then see resulted gigs. Then follow the gigs which have less reviews and are on top pages… Analyze them and check their keywords… You will have a better idea what they actually did and how they reached at the top of the pages very quickly.

Thank you.
Ali shehrooz


I don’t know about that strategy… I did keyword research on SemRush. I have the paid version because I need it , but I believe they have a free version and you could certainly do enough research they’re to figure out your good keywords. You can also go on Ahrefs to do free research, I think.

After I posted that, I realized it was silly. Certainly people would use the same keywords on Fiverr as they would on Google.

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I don’t know how I’ve never heard of either of those websites but I’m totally going to check them out! The more exposure the better. Thanks for sharing that with me!