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Is there a way to flag a fake review


I recently had a horrible interaction with a seller. The seller had their gig listed, but immediately after I’d ordered, the seller then complained about being too busy. I offered to cancel. I offered to give them two extra months.

Instead, they delivered an objectively inferior result. What’s worse is, they left a horrible review of my buying, even going so far as to outright lie and claim they refunded me. They slandered me.

I mean, the seller harassed me and did some really bad stuff. But they’re lying about things in actual reviews, and I’d like to flag that or fix that somehow.


You can contact Customer Support and tell them that the review contains an outright lie. According to the site’s ToS, you’re entitled to have the review changed/removed. It contains malicious content designed to unfairly harm your reputation.


Sorry this happened to you! I also read your review of her. It looks like a bad situation. Please let us know what customer support says.



Stay calm & collected.

Report this to CS and see if they can help resolve the issue.

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Thank you for commenting.

I was only given a short space to review the seller’s work. Unfortunately, that meant I could not add what I feel are important details.

I did not name the seller or intend for them to be identified. But I guess anyone can search public profiles.

The relevant seller had an open gig. The seller indicated they knew how to pause gigs, etc. Shortly after I ordered, I received a message indicating the seller was too busy to do the job, was booked through February, didn’t work weekends, etc.

Immediately thereafter, I offered to cancel or extend the deadline… by TWO MONTHS. At no point did the seller take that opportunity.

Instead, the seller delivered. Unfortunately, the seller admitted repeatedly delivering a gig that was substantially different than what I ordered. Not only that, but I sent the seller screenshots of where they misspelled very easy words, such as spelling repetitive “repetative.”

There were objective issues I wanted to resolve privately. I didn’t want to leave a bad review. I wanted to explain why I felt the job wasn’t performed well so that maybe it could be resolved.

I never asked for a refund. The seller later indicated they’d given me my money back, which I also can prove is an outright lie. I did at that point ask for it back.

I told the seller I valued their time. I told them the price was worth their time. I never wanted anything free.

I’m sorry we both had the experience, but I do have screenshots and whatnot to prove my case. I had a bad experience and left an honest review- which I went to some lengths to avoid doing.

I tried to cancel when they said they were busy. I tried to give them MONTHS extra to do the job. I mean, if you’re too busy to do a gig, I feel like it’s not unreasonable to ask for the gig to be paused.

I didn’t mean for this to lead into a discussion of our cases. I just got a bad review that is demonstrably false.

The seller said they refunded me. They did not. I did not even ask for them to until after they lied in that review, which can be shown via time-stamped messages.


If you refer to the 3-day period, that is to check if you got everything you ordered and if everything is okay before completing an order (else it gets auto-completed because else sellers never would get their hopefully well-earned money in cases the buyer just never shows up again or forgets to complete the order or whatever) but for leaving the public review/rating your order, you have 10 days.

And sorry you had an experience like that, sounds pretty unnerving. I only had one case where a seller never delivered nor reacted (hopefully just abandoned their account and nothing worse) and got refunded.


I am sorry this happened to you. It happened to me the other way around - a buyer lied about not delivering the work, which I did, simply because I refused to do extra work for free.

But CS said they couldn’t help, as it didn’t break any TOS, according to them. So, in my case, lying wasn’t a reason to remove it. I hope you have better luck. :slight_smile:

Too bad there are people that would do that. I wouldn’t have guessed it, she looks professional.


He said pretty much the same thing in the actual review. I think he’s referring to the tight character limit on a review so he gave the overview there and expounded on it here.

Yeah, in this case it’s not too hard to put together…

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I have false bad reviews too that are provable outright lies but the last time I mentioned it to customer support they told me they couldn’t change a review.


Ah, that makes sense too. I’ve had to shorten a more detailed review I wrote for a seller once before.


If a seller says they “refunded the money” in a review I don’t think that’s possible with the Fiverr system (to actually refund+review), unless maybe if they asked CS to refund it. But the only way a seller can normally refund is by cancelling the order (requesting cancelation and the buyer accepting) which will then not show any review.

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Fiverr support cancelled the order and is reviewing other elements of the various complaints, which they merged into one. They responded quickly where they could and fairly, in my opinion.

The seller has many good reviews. My experience is one of many. In no way am I or was I trying to direct others away from that individual’s gigs. While I felt the overall quality of the changed gig was poor, the seller offered a lot of constructive feedback, too. The price they charge is not bad, in my opinion, for the time it takes to perform it.

Again, I didn’t intend for this to lead back to that seller- I just wanted to find out about flagging reviews.

Thanks, everyone.