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Is there a way to get my money without paying too much fees?

Hello guys, yesterday I withdrew my money to Payoneer and then transferred it to my Turkish account. And Payoneer showed me 3.5$ fee but it actually charged $15 + $3.5 , I searched for this issue and saw that when “transfer is wire” which means when you send USD to USD to a country which their currency is not USD, they charge plus $15 fee. I really don’t know if it would help or not to send the money to my Euro account, again in Turkey. Do you know anything about this or is there a way for me to withdraw my earnings in a better way? (Paypal is unfortunately not supported here)


PayPal also takes a fee for conversion though.
Is PP not avaiable in turkey ?!

Anyhow, I would also be interested what the best way for eur conversion is

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Yes, it is not available in here… How ridiculous! It was available since 2016 when Turkey started to want PayPal to be a part of the tax system and PayPal refused it then stopped giving service in Turkey… But I believe PayPal is including the taxes in other countries right, at least there should be something about the income of the users?

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In germany the authorities can get any information they want from PayPal as far as I know. They can get all info for taxing. But they are not including the taxes, the person using paypal still has to make sure he/she is paying taxes correctly