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Is there a way to keep a certain buyer from buying our gig?


I have a terrible experience with this certain buyer twice (because the time gap is so long I didn’t remember her anymore) and I wouldn’t want to go through that again. Is it possible to block them?


There’s no way of blocking a buyer from buying your gigs, nor decline if they order. You can only cancel orders after they’ve been placed, and this goes towards your order completion rate.

I use the labels feature quite a bit, so if I were ever to run into the same problem I’d probably add a label to remind me of my past experiences with said client.

And it goes both ways as you could also label buyers you enjoy working with


Labels, nice! I’ve never make use of it before but I will now. Low chance with this buyer because she always orders without messaging (all my messages rot and alone in her inbox) so I guess I just have to deal with the lowered rate when cancelling her future orders.

Thanks for the idea though!


Send her a message and tell her that she should contact you if she wants to order because sometimes you offer discounts to people who contact you in advance. When she contacts you to ask about the discount, tell her that you are currently overbooked and will have to get back with her. Some buyers get tired of waiting but don’t want to pay full price if they think they might get a discount. Eventually they order from someone else and hopefully forget about you. :wink: Just be very polite and never rude, it is just a possible “way out.”


An FYI: some businesses, notably printing, use a check box for “Difficult Customer”.
These are the people who ask for endless revisions, ask for extras, don’t prepare their copy correctly, are late then ask for fast delivery, etc.
What it means is they pay full price - no discounts.
The best part is, they never know they made the list. They just pay for ALL the service they demand.