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Is there a way to keep people\'s projects out of my example portfolio?


I had a customer ask me to keep his projects out of my examples. (I’m guessing that he is outsourcing, which I’m fine with) Is there a way to take examples out of the live portfolio?


Thats on their end actually and not yours.
There is supposed to be a little box they either check/uncheck with regard to it being visible in your portfolio.
Either way it is already there, maybe they can get Customer Care to help them remove it. But as a fellow seller, I don’t think we can directly.


there a tick box in the order for them to choice show or not the delivery.


Hi Folks,

What you can do is send them whatever file in a message and deliver a picture that says thank you or something.

Of course be sure to let your buyer know this before you do.



As a seller, you have at least two options. You can turn off Live Portfolio entirely in your list of gigs. (There is a checkbox and I have it off on all of mine.) If you only want to show certain ones and the buyer doesn’t care, deliver the ones you want shown like normal. On ones you don’t want shown, send them in a .zip file. Those files won’t show up in the Live Portfolio.


i strongly agree… because i remember an instance where one customer got an Adult Voiceover done from me… and i wished he didnt put that on my portfolio but luckily for me he couldnt find that box and didnt kept that :slight_smile: and i was Saved :slight_smile:


Now that’s brilliant, thanks, been searching for a way to control this feature as a seller. I’ll also add a gdrive link in case they don’t have an archive tool.

I get some risque photos from time to time. Luckily they were either sent via chat and didn’t order, or didn’t include them in the portfolio.

I guess with a user name like rudevectors, which isn’t anything rude btw, just a catchier way to say vectors, as in graphics, may increase such happenstances.


another way is to upload the file to google drive or dropbox and just deliver a link to the files


Or you can deliver work in zip files…


Agreed! Or a way to remove something I have attached. I sent the wrong video once, but O couldn’t undo it… Obviously I sent the right one after, but wish we could delete or change files we send.

Zip files don’t show correct?


Agreed: you are right.


I have logo design gig.this gig Live Portfolio button disable why? how to correct it


Now, why didn’t I suggest that earlier? :wink:


Why didn’t dclover1 suggest that even earlier? :wink: