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Is there a way to know how to appear on the front page?

I see lucky gigs get into the front page… I think maybe this is a key to getting more customers! What can I do to have one of my gigs appear there? I checked my gig stats and the most looks I get on a gig is 4 views and that was after about a couple of months… A little help?

Welcome to Fiverr, we are glad you are here. You can contact Customer Support to see if they will push your gig to the front page. Good luck with your gig(s)

Hi, thanks for the tip. Only one problem though, I don’t know how to categorize my query… There is an option there that asks to feature my gig but I don’t have a gig that has sold many times to several unique customers… Might you know which category should work well?

Reply to @arnevb: Ok, I submitted it, maybe you have the words of an angel! :slight_smile:


Hi, hey I just want to say that they did put one of my gigs in the front page! Thanks for your support guys and arnevb thanks for the push bro! :slight_smile:

one year after now and you are making huge sales on fiverr with 100% ratings good job man, your gigs are so unique

Reply to @kay2ng: Hi, oh yeah I did post this a year ago… Seems these tips are so effective, thanks guys! :slight_smile: