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Is there a way to lower the price of a order already in place?


Hi fiverr! I’m currently working on a web design and development order, which would be the first order in the gig and my first order after coming back to fiverr since a couple of months. The issue is that the client is perfectly happy with the design service, but due personal reasons he no longer wants the development of the website (which is the bulk of the price of the order). Is there a way of lowering the current price without cancelling the order? This would be so he can pay for what I already worked (and he very much liked), because currently, the only options I’m seeing in the order resolution tab are either forcing him to pay the full price for a service he no longer wants/need or canceling the order, and sending a new one with just what we worked (which affects my stats heavily as Im just coming back)


That’s a complicated one. I think cancellation is inevitable. If I were you, I’d do this: let’s say the order was 100$ and you want to return 50$. Cancel the 100$ order, explain situation to your buyer and ask if he/she would be ok to putting 3 orders of 15$ through instead of one 50$ order. Do a little discount (5$ in this case) to compensate over the extra transaction fee. So you get one cancellation and three completed orders loosing 5$.

That’s one way to do it :slight_smile:


You are right - there is no other option available. I have had to do this at times and have discussed it with customer support.

Doing this would be seen as manipulating the stats/review and could lead to a Warning or Banning of the seller’s account.


Why not talking to your buyer explaining your situation and kindly asking him to pay full guaranteeing him that the difference will be kept as a credit in his next purchase?


Ok so of I’m illustrating a book of 12 pages, I can send one custom offer, I can send 2x6 or I can send 3x4, if I really want it and client agrees, it might as well be 24 offers as my gig is for illustrating one character. When does it become manipulating?

And it really sucks if you take a month to finish an order that’s a full book, (12 images let’s say ~600$) and then someone orders a 15$ gig ‘by mistake’ and essentialy they weight the same.

So no, that’s not manipulating, if you can break your work into a few orders, I don’t see why not do it. It’s an extra safety measure against chargebacks, scammers, and guarantee you will get paid for work in situations where half way through buyer doesn’t want to continue.

So if your gig can be completed in milestones I don’t see how having every milestone as separate offer is manipulating stats.


Outstanding thinking. Learned something new. Thanks


It become manipulating when you do it to manipulate the stats (more completed orders, more favorable reviews). And that’s what you advised OP to do, to send 3 offers so he’d get 3 completed orders.

If you wish to risk an account warning or getting banned, it’s up to you, but please don’t advise others to do the same.


Well,when I received a 400$+ order from a new buyer and wasn’t comfortable with it because of the chargebacks, people here adviced me to cancel the order and ask the buyer to work in milestones instead, which meant in the end completing not 1 but 5 orders. Which guaranteed me getting paid for completed work even if they back off half way through. Also, the buyer gets unwatermarked work as we go, not just at the very end. I don’t care about the amount of reviews, it’s completely different situations. If I didn’t break my orders into smaller ones, I’d probably be at 50% completion because of all the ‘bought by mistake, changed my mind etc.’. this system is not designed for big projects so you have to work your way around it.

And if the author of this post can break the website project into milestones I don’t see why they wouldn’t. If not now then next time. Of course, not the 15$ gigs, talking about large sums here.

Delivering same thing three times would be violation, I agree. But if the project is just done in steps I don’t see an issue.


Manipulating is manipulating when it is done to manipulate the stats such as in this situation:

However, splitting a large order to protect against chargebacks is something CS actually suggest. The Beta milestone feature requires each step of the project to be over $100 so I would say that is a good benchmark for when orders could be split legitimately. I have done this myself for large orders but I am talking about $3000 being split into 6 orders - splitting a $50 order into 3 parts is clearly manipulation.

Working your way around it is a different way of saying manipulating the stats. I suggest you be extremely careful about when you split orders or you will become another one of the sellers who post things like “Fiverr deleted my account for no reason”.


Yes that’s exactly what I do, break them into 100$s. Trying not not have orders larger than this, especially from new unfamiliar buyers.

And whose to decide what’s a ‘legitimate’ order - a full book or one illustration? I can illustrate 3 books in a month, does that mean I’m limited to 3 completed orders a month? And then if someone orders a 15$ gig by mistake I have 75% completion rate? That’s nonsense.

Anyways, I’ve been working full time here for years now, never got a single warning, have always been honest so I’m not afraid of getting blocked. And if they block me for doing this - then Fiverr is not a place for me as I can’t offer 5$ products and I’d be happy to bring my business elsewhere :slight_smile:


P.S. I don’t have the milestone feature


It’s not that I don’t agree that the system, as it is, is flawed and certainly for those who do lower quantity and higher ticket orders, it is difficult to maintain stats. I also recommend that people break orders down where it is applicable/suitable. However, sellers need to be aware of how things could be seen by CS and/or buyers.
All I am saying is what I have seen be an issue for some people already and when I see someone suggesting others do something I have seem people receive warnings for, I would be pretty mean not to mention it.

As to who decides? CS in their infinite wisdom will decide - All it takes is one buyer to complain when they see that they paid more in fees (if they did) than they would have with one order and CS will doubtless check it out.


Yes I agree, we wouldn’t be even discussing this if there was a seller friendly cancellation option…

Once buyer refreshed the payment page of my custom offer and ordered it five times! It wasn’t even a gig, you can’t even pay for the same custom offer twice, but it happened. CS cancelled four of them, it was just before I was taking a holiday so oh boy I had to change my plans and do some crazy working just to balance things out. Situations like that make me really angry so it’s only natural you try to protect yourself.

Yes my suggestion wasn’t ideal, I didn’t know the situation well enough so I should have thought it through better.

And I believe in the larger sums transaction fees are percentage of total, not fixed rate, so it doesn’t change the fees. However, I always discuss it with the client first.


I do not believe it is a safety measure against chargebacks as there was a seller recently on the Forum who had 9 chargebacks all from the same user. It is scarey since PP gives them 180 days to do so.


Holy moly!!! Somewhere on the forum I read that it is, like it’s more difficult to chargeback several transactions than just one. Now that is upsetting