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Is there a way to prevent an order sample from appearing on your gig?

You know the little sample that shows when you scroll through your gig images, left after someone writes a review?

I love having those turned on by default, as it helps guide a lot of clients to their preferred sound etc.

However I frequently have buyers order from the wrong gig (they’ll buy a commercial VO from my podcast intro gig, or they’ll order a voicemail greeting from my character VO gig). It’s not worth cancelling because the prices are all the same, but I don’t want these samples displayed on the incorrect gigs.


No, there is no way.
Some time it’s very frustrating when buyer order basic gig and demands for output similar to custom work done for other buyer which is more expensive.

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You can try turning the live portfolio off before you deliver that order, and then turning it back on.


You could also use dropbox.
Though that doesn’t stop the buyer reviewing and referring to the wrong gig (the one they should have bought) as well as any rating.

Technically cancelling and getting them to buy the right gig would be what probably should be done but that would affect stats. Fiverr should have a no-penalty way of doing that.


:sunglasses: this is the kinda hacker tip I was lookin for. Thanks boss.

luckily this isn’t an issue in my case as all my gigs include the same amount of work for the same price :slight_smile: but yes that would be really annoying!


Please update if that trick works.