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Is there a way to recover from first negative rating


I signedup on fiverr 4 months before and had my first order these days. The buyer was very irritating person and was in a hurry, he overloaded me with work and did not coordinated effectively. As a result I could not put extra effort on the order. He gave me a negative feedback. Now what should I do? How can I promote my other gigs?

I am now unable to offer my all gigs to the buyers.



Patience and a lot of successfully delivered orders will eventually erase your low rating.

If I may offer a tip or two…

Redo your bio profile. Make it more professional and business like. List your credentials, work experience, education. It’s an opportunity to let buyers know you are good at what you do and that you will act like a professional.

Your gig descriptions need work. There is plenty of room for you to expand on how you do the work, explain the benefits to the buyer and give them the confidence that you will do a top notch job and back it up.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


thank you

@voiceoverwork :slight_smile:


You can have a mutual conversation with your buyer about the task, if by re-doing the work he will be satisfied or not in return of removing the feedback (as they have the control to edit the feedback).


but I was disapointed at that time and I deleted my gig. now I cann’t do something about that. So I will find some other way to recover. Can you please suggest me, on which sites (other than facebook) I can promote my other gigs?


I think mutual cancellation is a good solution and that said, even with the mutual cancellation there is going to be impact on level. so better option is to have better delivery for your work. that helps a lot.


@ryuken I spent a lot of my time working on that order. How could I cancel that :frowning:


Do mutual cancellation if available, otherwise, I don’t think


Keep hard working, I get one negative feedback in past but its removed now, my profile rating is back to 100%,

Positive ratings matters alot, and fiverr care their users, I am very happy working at Fiverr.


@themasterminds thanks for motivation :slight_smile:

can you please suggest me how to promote my gigs? How can I bring my gigs out of crowd?