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Is there a way to reduce the offer amount after the order has started?

If not, I think this would be a nice feature. It would help on reducing cancellations. I don’t know how many people will accept a discount after the order for whatever reason, be it timeline, or the requested task isn’t possible without further hardware investment and after spending hours on it, asking not for full order price, but a fraction of it to respect time spent by the seller. Or if someone orders my G Auote gig and doesn’t realize it costs $5/mo and doesn’t want to proceed, but I’ve already signed them up for the trial and gotten the work done.

I’m sure there are other use cases, but that is the first that comes to mind. I’m sure this probably doesn’t happen to nontechnical gigs, but it’s not only possible, but likely for technical gigs.


Totally agree with you. I’d love to be able to reduce the price of the order after the order has been started. I’m currently facing this issue where the buyer has mistakenly advised me with a longer duration of her video and I build my quote based on this but after starting the order I realized the video is shorter by around 7 mins which would affect the price and I wanted to reduce the price of the order but couldn’t as the order has started already.

Don’t worry about it. We don’t want to get started giving partial refunds. Try to find something extra you can offer to make up for it.