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Is there a way to reorder the gig requirements (in the gig itself)?

Without having to delete and retype in the desired order?

If anyone has a tip?

(a valublel tip plize :yum:)


You could copy the requirements of the old order and paste them into the requirements of the new one.
When setting up the original order if there’s a quantity field before you pay you could put 2 in that quantity field.

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You mean, in a gig itself? Like suggested: Copy/paste in a document on your desktop, rearrange, SAVE, delete the old requirements, paste back in, in order. Notepad is good, because you won’t end up with any hidden formatting eating up the character count.

(I agree that it would be nice to have easier rearrange options, for both this and FAQs.)


@uk1000 @imagination7413
Yes, I meant in the gig itself, I do like that with copy / paste and notepad, but I was wondering if there wasn’t a better way!

EDIT : I updated the title of the post to be more clear.

For the FAQs the option is available, you can drag and drop the questions to reorder them!

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Huh, I don’t remember that being an option… either I forgot, or it’s new.