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Is there a way to report stolen work?


A couple of years ago I used fiverr a lot, I’ve come back to get some extra revenue and was surprised to see how things have changed. Most for the better I must say, the website looks sleeker and it’s easier to work with.

The thing is, looking at most of the Logo Design sellers there’s a shocking amount of stolen work. Never mind the templates and stolen clip art, there’s so many sellers passing very popular work (every designer on the web would recognise) as their own. The cherry on top is that I’ve just seen someone use my old designs! It even had my old username on it and everything! Ha!

So there used to be a report button if I remember correctly but I can no longer see it.

Any tips?


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You must write a ticket on Customer Support site and show them all the evidences you have; stolen gig will be removed and necessary actions will be taken…


UP ! It’s a very good idea indeed. As far as I understood, the report button concerns private messages only.


Thanks @mark74. I will do that.

I might as well contact the seller first and ask them to remove my work from their portfolio. I don’t think I have got the patience to police all the other stolen work, there should really be a report button.


Reply to @dzgn_101: you don’t know how many times I reported illegal gigs and every single time I wrote CS that users need a report button to make things easy.

We’re asked to report illegal or stolen gigs, but we don’t have an easy way to do it, as even CS site doesn’t have this category ready for us…

I’m with you with this request…


Reply to @minkymina: yes, it’s only for inbox messages and, by the way, it’s pretty useless: you report an illegal message (maybe concerning spam or barely legal requests) but maybe one day later that user is able to write you again :frowning:

Crazy but true…


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I have messaged the seller asking to remove it. Doubt it will work but let’s see.


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Reply to @dzgn_101: It worked! Buyer removed it and messaged me saying sorry. Phew! One less thing to worry about.


Reply to @dzgn_101: You can also email I have no idea if it gets quicker action on their part, but it’s quicker for reporting. :slight_smile:


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Reply to @mark74: I thought we could also “block” a user so he/she can’t contact you again, but apparently it disappeared?