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Is there a way to search buyer requests?

I’ve been on about a week but nothing yet. Is there a way I can look for the business? Also, I can only post in Other category. Is this b/c I’m new?


Hey tonyyezak, yeah! You can view Buyer requests by clicking on “Selling” from the dropdown menu and then click “Buyer Requests”. That is, Selling >> Buyer Requests.

It can be a gold mine there.

All the best!

Yes you can search buyers requests if your gig is under a category. Place your gig under a category, I noticed your gig isn’t under anything – which may be the reason you are not seeing any buyers requests.

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Thank you for the response. I was forced into the “other” category. No others will allow me to set a price or time frame. The cells do not allow input. Any suggestions?

Thank you very much!

While you’ve gotten good advice all through here, those who said that you need to be in the correct category are right. There will be no way to view the right Buyer Requests as-is.

You need to go to Customer Support and click “Submit a Ticket” in the upper-right hand corner. Tell them what the problem is and what category you want the gig to be in. Then give it a few days for them to respond. It may be something you are doing by accident or it may be an actual Fiverr glitch but either way, hopefully they can help you get the gig in the correct category. Good luck!

@fonthaunt has answered this problem below! :slight_smile:


Dear All fiverr user i have a question , please help me. I have a client and he had placed orders on fiverr and email me to get order through fiverr but i am failed to search his name on fiverr and his quotes.

Is there any one please to help me to find the buyer who had already posted his order on fiverr. please contact or reply me