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Is there a way to see previous month\'s earnings?


I’ve been on Fiverr for over 2 years now with over 2k sales, but I’ve always been wondering, is it possible to see my previous month’s earnings? I’m definitely not a new person here anymore, but as much as I search I can’t find it.

I can find the month selection at the revenue tab, but you get every single order’s earning separately there.

You know when you go to the dashboard (this is to sellers) it says the monthly earnings from that month in total (let’s say I’ve earned X this month). Is it possible to see what the X was from a previous month? If yes, where?

Thanks for helping me.

  • Mike

I use Paypal and can go there to see earnings from each month.

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I use Paypal too but I don’t withdraw on a consistent basis. Do you withdraw your Fiverr earnings consistently?

Yes but you can still see how much you have earned each month on Paypal. Look around on that site. You can see by month and by year or put in any time period you like to see how much you earned.

hi friend… just wondering have you found any way on fiverr to check previous month earnings on fiverr? :slightly_smiling_face:

The analytics page shows the total earnings for the previous month (put your mouse over the chart for November and it will show the November total). You could also export the earnings from the earnings page into a CSV (though I think you’d need to use a spreadsheet to total them).

i completely understand what you are saying but i don’t need this… i need to see the previous months earnings in the same way like it is showing in fiverr app currently of this month… is there any way to get it??

Not in the app…

Go the analytics page and choose yearly, there is chart which shows earning for months through out the year