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Is there a way to send a picture in the message system so it can't be downloaded?

Sometimes I need to send a picture to the buyer in their inbox but this means they can download it. I know I could send them a link to it but was wondering how this could be done without allowing downloading.

Alternatively is there at least a way to send a picture to the inbox with the properties removed? I have removed the properties but there is still some info that does not get removed, such as the admin name.

No, there isn’t a way to prevent users from downloading a picture that has been sent in the message system.

Alternate way to remove image properties:

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To remove properties:
On windows, right click the image and click properties. Then click details and click remove properties and personal info. Then click the button to create a copy with all personal info removed and click ok.

As far as preventing them from downloading them an image, I know this doesn’t apply to you but it may help others who don’t want a buyer to have access to something. I know CS can prevent a buyer from accessing attachments/chats. So if necessary, contact them.

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