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Is there a way to stop the "Your delivery deadline is coming up" emails?

For quite a while we have been receiving these “Your delivery deadline is coming up” emails around 12 hours before the deadline. These are confusing to me, as I believe there’s an order, instead I just receive a notification I don’t need. Is there any option to stop receiving these emails? I do want to receive order emails when the order arrives, but I have a good order management disciplines, so these "Your delivery deadline is coming up
" emails come in my way instead of helping.

Let me know if someone has an idea how to stop these emails.



Have you tried unticking “Order Statuses” in notification section?

I believe that this option will stop other order related messages that you need.

Maybe contact CS?

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Did that first a week or so ago, doesn’t work.

The only way is to set up a filter on your personal email to send certain Fiverr notifications to your spam folder.

I don’t get any notifications this way. Aside from the sneaky promotions they send.