Is there a way to view what people need besides only 7 or so listenings at the top of the page?


Hey to all. I’m new here. Is there a way on the fivver website to view what people need rather then what someone can do? I love to help where help is do if I can do it but I don’t know how to view who needs help besides the top of the page where there are about 7 or so things, one of which I could have done but it said I need to be an active seller.

Thanks all and take care.


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Thanks. I hope to be an active seller soon. I have 2 gigs that have received no offers as of yet but I don’t give up that easily.


Your going to be yanked on your tube to mp3 gig. Just fair warning. Google is about to rain terror down on websites doing those converts.

I would change your title on your dry droppin gig and add a better description and better english with non-text spelling ie: shrtcode

Good luck YO!


lol. I live on the edge. so I’ll ride the wave until it peters out. I’ll look at the title but dry drop ins is what I do and love doing lol! think Sean Calwood or how ever you spell his name. lol! The broadcaster/station owner or what ever is responsible for the effects, reverb, etc. I just do the reading of the script. It is called in the broadcasting world, a dry drop in.