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Is there an awesome Fiverr Press Kit?


Hey friends,

SO, I have searched and searched and then searched some more for authentic Fiverr Level Badges, Logos’, banners etc. to no avail.
This stuff really isn’t my forte and I’m not sure if i’m going about this the right way with the correct jargon.

Is there a “secret” amazing Fiverr press kit, media kit or similar I am not aware of?
Recently found the one standard green Fiverr logo under that section for download but am looking for more. You know:-) The cool decorative stuff and templates to use on gig videos and images.

I’m also looking at recreating my gig videos, and images so any help would be greatly appreciated:-) Things have been dead slow this month for me, and are normally fantastic and uber busy, have all but tried updating my videos and images so I’ll do that. Love to collaborate with fellow Fiverrs’ and see about ordering some stuff.

Thanks all!

**As always hoping this post is allowed here:)



Thanks, it’s appreciated. I’ve found this press bit before and it’s not quite what I’m looking for. Any idea where the level badges PNG files etc. might be?