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Is there an easy way to find College Gig-Sellers?

We’re looking to find Sellers who are College students to act as our representative for our newly-launched social app. Is there an easy way to reach them?

Reply to @oohyeah: I am also student from Pakistan. Level 1 Seller.

What would the representative have to do?

I’m a college student, what did you need exactly? Level 2 seller.

Think there is no way for that…

more info about app ? -as I am student and I want to know more…

Sent you a private message!

If anyone else is a student and interested, please send me a private message, thanks!

I am also a college student and I would like to know more about the app. I tried to send you a private message, but it wouldn’t let me.

i am also a college student.can you tell me more about the app.i think i can help you

I’m a college student too. It won’t let me send you a private message.

Maybe you can post it in the buyer’s requests as well that you’re looking for college students to help you with the app

Thanks for your replies, everyone. Strange that you can’t message me. Well, this wasn’t intended to be a “Gig request” post, heh, but I guess now it may as well be so.

We’re looking for College students of English-speaking countries (ie., US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), and also certain Asian countries - China, Japan, Korea. Not sure if you guys can see it, but I did post some Requests for these jobs in a few categories.

If you can’t message me, just leave me a message here, thanks!