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Is there an Indian Superseller on Fiverr?


Imagine there’s an Indian superseller on Fiverr. I would guess by the definition of superseller, he or she would be making upwards of $100k. That’s like Rs.66 lakhs a year or 5.5 lakhs a month. I mean, wow! Especially when you consider a USD buys you 10 times as much in India as in the US or UK. Is there such a creature on Fiverr? Indian supersellers, announce yourselves!


I think you’re Super, just the way you are, regardless of sales figures.


Interesting Idea. I Super Seller or TRS based on nation.


Thanks Eoin! Was wondering about our man Andy/Cy. If he was here the gang would have been complete.


Just a thought, because I have seen many Indian TRS, but not a superseller.


They don’t choose Supersellers for the amount they earn necessarily. It seems to be more for the story of how they came to be working on fiverr. Rags to riches stories are often what makes a Superseller get chosen for the honor.


Maybe, who knows. But the super seller in the writing category who I won’t name probably makes $1 million a year, or more. I think I told you about him, gets 100 orders every day. Probably has a team working for him.


Being a Second SuperSeller myself from Pakistan, i have not yet seen anyone from India become a SuperSeller. However i have worked with many TRS sellers from India and outsourced some of my work.


Yes, I know about you. You are a role model for sellers from Pakistan as well as from India.


I think the notion of building a team is an interesting one. As a writer, how do you assure the work is constantly high? How do you choose who to add to your team? I never liked this idea because I need to know who is working for me face to face.


I read a blog where the fiverr Super Seller With a Truly Awesome Reputation is Twistedweb123 and it was the post of 2012…Any Indian seller at Fiverr has not achieved that tag but i think all Indian sellers here are working hard to bring the best of them and survive on this competition…Hopefully we will get one with that tagline soon…


I actually doubt a USD buys 10 times as much, maybe cost of living isn’t that high in some parts of India but not all. Also when it comes to consumer electronics we really get the shortest end of the stick, a friend literally took a trip to US to buy an iPhone, MacBook and Surface Book. and even after the traveling cost he saved around a 1000 bucks I don’t remember actually but I think he had also brought a GTX 1080.
Been looking for a new PC and the above was a just misguided rant due to how costly pc components are in India.

Can someone let me know what TRS seller means.

I hope more Indians become super seller, coz when I was asking for advice on reddit regarding fiverr, most people told me as an Indian I might not get orders as we have a negative image when it comes to quality work.


@adityasharma3d Read to see the definition of TRS.


I think @gigblast is an Indian superseller. Don`t know about his earnings though… :wink:

An interesting way to find this out would be to-

  1. Visit all the categories in Fiverr one-after-another.
  2. Sort the gigs by Average rating.
  3. Apply the seller language filter with “Hindi”.
  4. Then compare the sales of the top ones of each category.


Actually I figured it out right after clicking submit :stuck_out_tongue:
Felt stupid


Writer99025 hoping you achieve that this year![She’s not Indian but here is how one seller achieved Super Seller status.]



TRS = Top Rated Seller


Difficult for me, as my earnings are nothing special. I think I have been made TRS for the quality of my work and the number of positive reviews I get, not for my earnings.


Oh, There is an Indian Superseller I know on Fiverr, his name is Raghava @writer99025 :grinning:


What! Our names are visible now…WTF…