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Is There an Official Line on Covid-19 Gigs & If So, Can We Have Official Guidelines?

So, another forum user mentioned today about how Fiverr is taking a stance against Covid-19 related gigs. They also referenced a Vice news article that seems to confirm this.

A Fiverr spokesperson told Motherboard in an email, “During the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, we took swift action to ensure any illegitimate gigs with words related to COVID-19, including the sale of masks and healing, were denied. At these sensitive times, we are cautious regarding all COVID-19 related services and we continue to actively monitor the site to catch and remove any services that may get through our filters. However, there are some legitimate exceptions i.e. gigs related to the current demand for custom at-home fitness plans, cooking lessons, and online music lessons. We are looking into how these specific gigs made it through our checks and filters.”


This is fine and to a point commendable. However, it would be better for all sellers if there were some concrete Fiverr Covid-19 guidelines for gigs.

For context, I have lost count of how many emails and letters I have received from companies I have worked with or bought something from in the past, letting me know how they are dealing with Covid-19.

My business brain says that there could, therefore, be a market for things like business related Covid-19 press releases. I even saw a video today from a retail firm showing what social distancing rules consumers need to follow when in-store. - Things like that are another potential sales opportunity. (If you can create that kind of content.)

Naturally, I am aware that trying to profit off a crisis is considered a major faux pas. However, there is a big difference between attempting to profit off of a crisis and providing services that people and businesses need in times of crisis.

In this case, can we have some official guidelines pinned here in the forum and possibly emailed out to all Fiverr users? Not everyone uses the forum or reads Vice news every day.

In the very least, an official outline of what is considered a ‘legitimate’ service would be helpful.


They said gigs mentioning covid-19 will be removed.

They said:

During the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, we took swift action to ensure any illegitimate gigs with words related to COVID-19, including the sale of masks and healing, were denied.

My point is that guidelines for legitimate gigs would be beneficial for legitimate sellers.

I don’t think there is any legitimate reason to mention covid-19. IF someone wants a poster they can order one, without specifically finding one to make a covid-19 poster, or ventilator.

I do see what you mean and I think the word “illegitimate” is probably not needed:

Other sites have the same rule, such as eBay. It’s not a good look to have gigs that specifically try to profit from this.

We have seen gigs with “covid-19” in the title and it’s very hard to see.


Well, I never got that many requests for pet, cryptocurrency, or real estate work until I matched the scope of my service to what words real human beings were typing into the search bar.

Like it or not, people who need something like an instructional Covid-19 social distancing video don’t type ‘explainer video’ or ‘consumer awareness video’ into a search bar. They type words like ‘social distancing video.’

For the longer Covid-19 goes on, more people are going to be searching for Covid themed or orientated services, due to the basic psychology involved with certain words being imprinted into peoples’ thought processes.

Blanket censoring such terms will, therefore, be counterproductive. This is why, it would be better to have some clear Covid guidelines.


They can’t open up the site so everyone can put covid 19 in the title, can you imagine how that would look? I’m sure you understand. I think there might have already been one disparaging article about people trying to profit by using that term.

True. And in addition to that negative PR, Fiverr could have its image damaged further if some sellers were found to be inadvertently spreading misinformation.

The media would get a nice story if they found out article writers, for example, had been messing up dates or advice in some of their articles. The Mail especially would have a field day. I can see their overdramatic headline now: “Fiverr sellers risking lives by spreading lies”.

An official statement would be very helpful, nonetheless. As you said, not everyone pays that much attention to Fiverr in the media.

I browsed through the TOS today and couldn’t see anything about the pandemic.

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I did not say that they should. I asked for guidelines in the suggestion area of the forum.

Asking for official gig guidelines is not the same as saying " please Fiverr, let me use the word Covid-19 in my gig description."

As it is, I’ll just leave it.

I can neither confirm nor deny that I wrote an article for a well-known person and accidentally said something about injecting disinfectant.


Careful! The Mail pay for stories and I’m getting low on beer money. :wink:


If you mentioned it as a possible cure you can probably get a job in the current president’s administration. That would meet the qualifications. Or even if you gave the well known person the idea for that. It’s a good idea!

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And anyone who finds themselves in need of something because of COVID isn’t going to search that phrase to find it. If they need more marketing support they’ll search for that. If they need more graphic design they’ll search for that. If they need a virtual assistant they’ll search for that.

Anything sellers provide that can be applied to COVID can be applied to other things. COVID isn’t a specialty skill so it isn’t relevant.

So we can fulfill existing need perfectly fine without even mentioning something about it. You just should have an idea for what the demands are and are what people are searching for to find them and make their decision.