Is there an oligarchy of "elite sellers" on Fiverr?!



Have you noticed that Fiverr principles and mechanisms create elite sellers who have tons of positive feedback as well as collected gigs. Then they attract most of the customers because of the rating, even if they offer less than you. This, as well as the fact that their gigs are more exposed, guarantees them more orders than to any other fiverr seller in their category. As a result of that nobody can catch up with them(in standart categories like SEO). I have been thinking about this a lot lately and this is a really demotivating problem. Of course, many of you say: Find your product and if it is a good one, the customers will come. But, I am afraid this isn’t the way how to become top league…

What do you think? Is there any way how to catch up with them? Advertise?


Some of my gigs I’ve had removed from SEARCH results :slight_smile: So it’s not at all like what you’re saying. I use strategy, nothing more. The idea of ME being an oligarch does amuse. I’m an anarchist after all :slight_smile: