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Is there another Fiverr out there ? Should you use it?


Just wanted to say that Fiverr is so high traffic and great for my business !

Have I wasted my time a few other places trying to put up a gig ? Yeah.

Have I gotten even a single order elsewhere ? NOPE.

Spend your effort here and only here. Fill up your extras and dream up new gigs.

Good luck everyone —

Evolve, Grow and Succeed (*) $-)


I have done the same thing. Not a single dollar of income from those sites. Fiverr is number one!


Good to know, thank’s for the tip


I have to admit that when I first started with fiverr I joined also another site, pretty much creating the same gig but never got anywhere with it and saw how awesome fiverr is and forgot about all those other copycat sites


No Comparison With Fiverr B-)


As a seller I believe Fiverr is a great marketplace as newbies are given the same chance as Top Rated Sellers to offer their services.

oldbittygrandma said: Fiverr has the traffic and the platform and support...and PRESS!!

And don't forget, they have the capital!


Ive seen som eother websites… But they all seem sketchy.

Fiverr seems… legit and casual… and laid back :slight_smile:

So i like it best!


LOL never heard of it