Is there any alternative to fiverr


Hello to all
I am looking for an alternate to fiverr which gives same kind of platform for both buyers and seller. its seems that working on fiverr is very difficult lots of rules and regulations, priority to few seller, no buyer request.
if someone have any suggestion i appreciate it
Thank You


Every site has rules, and if you wish to work on any site, you will have to follow their rules. I’m saddened to hear that you think Fiverr is too difficult for you, but I wish you luck looking elselwhere. And no, we cannot share competitors here on this forum. You’re going to have to take the time to do your own internet research.

Good luck.


every site has own rules and regulation you can check it from internet of alternative of fiver


I work on many freelancer sites, each has pros and cons. You have to adjust yourself to each.
Also I don’t think it is good to ask for joining fiverr’s competitors on very fiverr forum.


Keep patience, try to Understand how fiverr works, hope you will doing well from any other marketplace.


Well rules and discipline are most important thing human ever invented. There’s rule everywhere. even you have your own rule that doesn’t fit on fiverr and you wrote it.
Well I see fiverr as creative platform. They are providing good experience to both sellers and buyer. If you can’t hold a transaction for 15 days it means you are not confident about your offering service. payment % work well for many of us because you need to think it’s Fiverr and it’s okay to pay $1 for $5.
My advice for you: don’t look for alternative website create your own so you will have your own rules.

Best of Luck


There is no need for you to parrot what I wrote. You have added nothing new to this conversation – and I don’t appreciate having my own advice copied by you just so that you can say something in this thread. :roll_eyes:

If you have something to say, please be original.


Fiverr is the best platform and if you follow all rules, then you might forget about other alternatives, look at Fiverr as your workplace and not where you make fast fast money scheme. This is a place where dreams are actualized, come here more often to learn how to make it in Fiverr, we have very helpful people here to lead you to the right place and areas


Fiverr’s own forum is just not the place to try discuss alternatives to it!