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Is there any benefit to post same old tips everyone sharing on daily basis?

Everyday the “tips for sellers” categories filled with same old tips from new sellers and level 2 sellers
Well, I think, new sellers are just posting here for self promotion and level 2 sellers are posting here, so they can achieve the top rated seller badge.

I wonder how many orders, reviews and form post does it takes to achieve Top rated seller badge.
and if posting here daily really boost the sales. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most top rated sellers have never made even one post on the forum.
No this does not boost sales to post here.
Yes many who post tips here are under the misguided impression this gets sales.

lol… I was just thinking the same thing. Same old tips everyday.
@misscrystal is correct. :smiley:

I wish we could have widened the scope of the conversations to include other stuff, like perhaps different ways of earning as a virtual worker, or along those lines, of course without external links, but I don’t think that type of conversation will ever be allowed. :frowning:

Yes, it is interesting to know that many Top rated sellers that I have come across have no posts on Fiverr forum despite this is considered as one of the “checklist” to become a Top Rated seller :slight_smile:

yeah, maybe they are too busy or they don’t see any further benefit to post here.
I think there should be another section for only top rated seller to post and level 1 and 2 seller only allowed to read,comment and like.
And they should be promoted to next level , there badges with “T” would turned to like silver, gold, diamond, If they are active in forums, just like youtube send the play buttons when youtuber crossed another million subscriber.

Just a thought… :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe they did post in past year to achieve that, or maybe there wasn’t any checklist back then.

It could be done in the Conversations category as long as forum rules are followed. Fiverr understands working in multiple ways and the forum can be an OK place to discuss it. What Fiverr doesn’t want is people driving traffic from here directly to sites that have their own marketing plans. Also people sneaking in ways to contact them and buy based on a Fiverr platform gig without Fiverr Gerry their cut. Fair, I think.

As far as same tips everyday, yes there are some that are stale because people want attention by posting tips. When the forum team can, attempts are made to remove copy/paste tips and close stale threads so they sink. Once in a while a fresh one makes it in, though, and we can push it to the top.

I think many readers would benefit from reading Tips posts occasionally but sometimes skipping tip categories to tell a motivating or warning story based on experience in Stories. or start a real discussion in Conversations. Answer some questions and help people in Fiverr FAQ or Improve my Gig so they won’t come back begging elsewhere. A community is only as good as all the members make it. :slight_smile:

This has been said many times before, but here it is again. Forum activity actually is not on the checklist. Being a leader of some kind in the community is.

Some TRS or level 2 hopeful go and speak at Fiverr events or organize local Fiverr events. Others are active on Fiverr’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Blog. Others speak on the podcasts (which is a GREAT place to get tips too.) Others mentor newbies on their own and get noticed for doing it often.

Forum activity counts if it is really helpful, like doing mentoring to those in Improve my Gig, but otherwise posting here is just a way to talk with colleagues.

Its true top rated sellers are to busy with there work. I don’t think forum activity counts helpful to boost sales. Just a thought.