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Is there any benefit to stay online on fiverr all day?

is there any benefit to stay online on fiverr all day ?


In a word: No. I get most orders when I’m asleep.


Yes of-course there is benefit. When a client find you online, he may connect you for getting instant reply from you. Also you can response him instantly. If you cant reply in time, your response rate may be decreased also there is less possibility to get order.


Staying on Fiverr is not beneficial, since there is no way for you to stay awake 24 hours a day. That’s just false information people spread for new sellers trying to get their first sale.


There is an option for finding only online sellers.
If buyer use this option, Online sellers will be benefited.


Just because there’s an option for it doesn’t mean it’s useful. Most successful sellers will say the same.

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@coerdelion You can’t completely say the option of “online sellers” is useless… If you get some of your orders while you were offline, then good for you… Sometime, buyers filter to online sellers in order to get answer to the query regarding a particular gig package…

I have gotten orders while I was sleeping and also I have lost some orders while I was sleeping too.


I said “successful sellers”.

OP wants to know if it’s helpful to be online “all day”. This isn’t healthy for a person to do. If you’re online all day when will you sleep? When you finally do get an order you’ll be so exhausted you won’t be able to deliver an order that showcases the best of your ability.

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About 50 per cent of the orders I get are when Im offline

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@j6nyc6 I’m not even making point about the OP… It was the statement made by @coerdelion that the option of “online sellers” is not useful.

OP is asking if it’s helpful to be online “all day”. This isn’t something that is beneficial in the long run. You will be exhausted doing nothing but waiting.

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@bodmas Please stop misquoting me. It’s not helpful

Well, I’m not misquoting you… It’s not helpful to you.


Does it means it is useless?
Does Fiverr give useless option ? I see everything is meaningful and useful.

Understood, but I believe @coerdelion is saying being online 24 hours while using this feature isn’t helpful.

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No normal people will want to stay online 24/7 as it is completely dangerous to one health… The body needs time to rejuvenate…

Sure, you might get more people messaging you when you’re pretending to be online.

So in a way it could be useful.

At the same time, if I think someone is online and I message them, I’d be expecting a prompt response. If you’re asleep, I’m not going to get that. By the time the message actually gets read, I would likely have moved onto a different seller.

True, a buyer message me while I was sleeping around 8pm but I couldn’t reply, so the following morning, I messaged the buyer back and I apologise for not responding as it was already late in my country when the message came in… The buyer completely understood my situation and he also said he saw the notification that I might not respond immediately as it was late where I am… And we still deal.

There is no need to be online 24/7…

Here’s a secret: Just be online whenever you feel like working. Don’t be online just for the sake of getting orders or you can go downhill very quickly. Be it for 2 hours or 12 hours a day, only be online when you are prepared to work.