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Is there any buyer in this forum?

I have a question in my mind, Is there any buyer in this forum?


I also have this question in my mind. But i think no buyer in this forum.

Check this out: (Poll) How many orders did you get from the forum?


Yes, there are both buyer and seller

I am a buyer and a seller and I frequent the FF. (aka Fiverr Forum.)


I think the poll is only for generate opinion. How do I know if I have received an order from the forum?

You know because the buyer will say something about seeing you on the Fiverr Forum and checking out your profile. At least that is what happened with me. But I have been here 4 years and only got 2 orders from the Forum.

Plus there is one seller here that I order from. She is the artist who created my profile picture. I learned about her from a recommendation from another seller in a pm group I was once a part of.


Are there buyers who frequent and use the forum? Yes.

Is the forum a place for buyers to discover sellers and place orders due to forum interaction? Very very rarely.

The forum is predominantly occupied with (desperate) sellers or people who simply like to interact and share stories/experiences/advice/humorous insights with other freelancers.


Yes, It can happen. But that hasn’t happened to me yet. Thanks for the valuable information. Now I am clear in this topic.

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