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Is there any chance to get a first client?

Here is a thing: I have 2 good gigs offering pretty decent Photoshop service. They have views, but I still have 0 orders. And I am convinced that it’s because I’m new to Fiverr. People just don’t want to be first to order. So, I’m wondering, how did you get your first orders? What did you do to get them? Any suggestions for people like me? Because I’m fed up.

P.S. I don’t want to create fake account and buy my own service.

When I started, I just made a gig and forgot about Fiverr. I didn’t even enter the site the next days. About two weeks later I got an email saying that I had an order. I made it and my buyer left a great review. I had to wait about one month to get my second order, but I was lucky and that second buyer became a regular client. After that, I’ve been making regular sales.

So, I guess you only need a little patience and then, offer a great service when you have the chance.

Good luck!!

yes, you have pretty good skills, but you just have to wait and be patient. and do NOT create a fake account, it is against the rules of Fiverr to have more than one account so you can get your account into trouble.

Try asking a friend or relative if they need any retouching? Post it on your social media page and ask your friends - who wants to be my first customer?

clear_will that’s same with me
people only views and don’t want to be my buyer because i don’t have the buyer yet

maybe they afraid "you or me can’t give them the best service"
but i will give them my best service. for me, the buyer is the king :slight_smile:

if there is anyone looking for designer / data entry then check my gigs :

I think the most important thing it not to give up) I just wish there was a certain way to prove clients that we offer decent work.

Reply to @belengarcia: Thanks! Yeah, waiting seems like the only solution…

Reply to @sincere18: I know that fake accounts are against the rules - that’s why I can’t stand when people advice to do so. I want to get clients by fair means)