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IS there any chance to up my positive ratings to 100%

My current rating is 99%. How to become 100% again. Experts please suggest.

Yes! Just do you best to have many positive ratings (5 starts or 5.0), I had the same issue on my account and it became 100% positive rating again after I delivered and received positive ratings =) so GOOD LUCK! I know you can do it! =)

It’s basically a numbers thing. You just need to get a bunch more 100% percent ratings. (Fiverr rounds up on the ratings, though I don’t know if they round up at 99.5% or 99.75% or what.) But at some point they round up. So after you get enough 100% ratings that make your overall rating hit that magical rounding number, you’ll get back to 100%. Be prepared that it may take awhile.

Good Luck!