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Is there any demerits of deleting a GiG?


Hi there,
Actually, I want to delete one of my GiGs. But I am not sure about its demerits (if any). The GiG I want to delete because I want to open another one in a different category. I am seeking senior’s help.
Thanks in advance! :grinning:


Yes you can delete but if your gig has good impression with click and if you get enough order per day from this gig you dont need to delete it !


Actually It doesn’t.


If your gig doesn’t have any reviews etc. then delete it and start again! :sunny:


Then delete it … no need to worry


I made mistake in selecting the category. I mean, one of my GIG was made like I will manage your social media and the category was selected (Graphic Design > Social Media Design). The correct category would be actually (Digital Marketing > Social media Marketing).
In this circumstance, I have completed two order in this GiG with 5 star and good comments.

What should I do in this case?


I checked your gig ‘I Will Manage Your Social Media’ - it seems to be in the correct category:
Digital Marketing / Social Media Marketing / Social Media Management

so I’d leave it where it is if I were you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I´m pretty sure you can also change the category yourself when you edit your gig, so no need to delete a gig with good reviews if you selected the wrong category. Just look at the category dropdowns while in edit mode - but if offlinehelpers says your gig is in the right category already, all the better, no need to edit. Maybe Fiverr CS moved it to the correct category for you.


Please see - the URL

but the category is (Graphic Design > Social Media Design)


I see it like you say when I click your link, but when I click your profile, and then the gig, it´s
Digital Marketing / Social Media Marketing / Social Media Management

Maybe you need to clear your browser cache, log out and back in or something?

Oh, that´s a different URL/title too, manage-all-social-media vs. manage-your-social-media, hm. Do you have two different gigs like that, I can only see the one I linked on your profile but not one with a title like in your link.


Ah - got it - no you can’t change the URL.

So you’ve got the gig in the right category and sub-category for the gig that’s on offer - it’s just the URL that doesn’t look quite right?

It’s up to you what you do with it really. :sunny:

This is getting a bit confusing to be honest @miiila! :rofl:


I have two gigs on social media, please don’t get confused.


I can only see the one I linked on your profile, is the other one not active currently?

And right, then you can´t change the category it looks like, I was pretty sure I did some time, but maybe I´m mistaken, or it was changed.

In that case, I´d ask Customer Support to move the gig to the correct category for me - but remember that you shouldn´t have gigs that are too similar to each other, they may deny one of them if they are.


yes, active. wait, I am taking screenshot


The problem is with the first one. See the URL of this gig

I changed the title according to the category but url remained same. It is going to be more than one month with any order.


You can’t change the URL of a gig once it’s been published.


You can´t change the URL, it will always stay what it was when you set up the gig. You can change the title but not the URL.



That means, I should delete it. but what will happen 2 Five Star review and comments?


I don´t understand the problem, though, the one gig is for managing social media, the other for designing social media banners etc, and that seems like it should be in the design category, after all.