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Is there any earning limit on Sellers?

I am working on fiverr since last 3 years! But sadly I don’t earn much, in last 3 years I have completed more than 1700 orders but my average per month earning is less than $425, one of my facebook friend who also work on fiverr, he earns close to $5000+ per month(he offers similar services like me), he shares screenshots of his earnings on his profile, although I am a level 2 Seller and he is a Top level seller.

I don’t know why fiverr never promoted me to Top Level even I have good ratings and reviews in all these years, obviously I had to do many sacrifices to maintain this rating.

Now the problem is no matter how much effort I put my sales are not increasing, I apply buyers request daily, I shared my gig on social media.

Like this month, I earned $520 in first two week and I was very much determined to complete $1000, I put my all effort in last two weeks but I got only 4-5 orders worth $40-50, which is disappointing and depressing and today I don’t have any order in my hands.

Now I started thinking that fiverr has put some earning restriction on my monthly earning, I know it sounds foolish, but this is what happening with me every month.

I also edited my listing for Package pricing but sales just hit all time low on these gigs, I got only 2-3 order ever since I chose this “Package listing method”, now edited my gigs in old normal listing but no luck.

Now I have no other option but planning to look for some other alternatives, as after giving so many years of my life I am not earning much, $400-$500 per months is nothing when you live in a costly city like New Delhi.

There is no montly limit that I know of. One of the reason you have never been promoted to TRS is the lack of sales or not enough volume. I have heard stories from TRS where they lost the TRS badge because their sales have dropped. I know there are other factors that play a role in the promotion as well, but volume seems to be the main one.
Work on your profile, gigs and rewrite your gig description to make it more appealing, and see if it will make a difference. Also don’t forget to promote your gigs on social media often . December is a slow month in general because of the Holdidays. Best of luck!

No limit at all. some month i earn like 2k and some month i earn 400 .

Yes, I agree with the others, that you have to be prepared for dry seasons because as a freelance you really can’t expect to live on only one income. Try to diversify your services elsewhere and hope your income improves in the New year.

The good news is that the festive holiday season finally finishes on Monday! That means everyone’s hangovers have dissipated, the last of the turkey has finally been consumed and millions of people return to the grind of tedious work–and delegating tasks to others.

There’s no limit to what you can earn on Fiverr–especially when the company takes a juicy 20% cut of all your earnings. Why would they limit their own revenue potential? As mentioned above, diversify your income sources and focus on building your brand. A lack of orders is a part of the boom and bust cycle of freelance work, but gives you plenty of time to work on making the next boom happen by working on your business instead of helping others to grow theirs.

Thank you all for encouraging me, but It’s about this Holiday season but I am experiencing this since months.
Anyway it’s really foolish of me relying on single source of work, now I am also looking for some other backup plan.