Is there any effect on my gig ranking If I change my gig images or add a intro video?


Hi I want to add my intro video in my gigs.I want to know that there will be any effect on my gig ranking or not?


It will not increase gig impression but it’s effect because it’s a FIRST IMPRESSION of your gig :slight_smile:

Some tips for you:
#1 To increase the chances for getting an order you should create a video for your gig.
#2 Description should be nice and clear, using bold, italics and highlighting.
#3 To be honest, if you get 1000 impressions but no order, you must offer something that nobody would buy. Try offering something unique or more than your competitors.


Go to “Fiverr Academy” you will find evry detail under that.


thank you very much for your advice


My pleasure :slight_smile:
Always here for help


Hello i am not getting order recently,
I have impression, i am applying buyer request. and i am also offering services which is demandable


thanks for tips. very helpful