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Is there any fiverr marketing platform

I just need to know, Is there any platform where I can promote my gig. Need expert suggestions.
Thanks :slight_smile:


The best platform is where your target audience is. Did you make a research and established who is your target audience? And when you will understand whom you are targeting you will know where to find them.


Yes, I researched and I send msg them from fb. Thanks

what do you mean you sent them a message? unsolicited messages on the fb? that’s spam.
and you can not send personal messages to your all “target audience”.


You can promote your gig through social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Linkedin and also quora. But the important point is don’t make it as a spam. Use these platforms in legal way.
Thank you

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Maybe you can try promote your gig on reddit also

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no, they are my local client and i want to move them to market.

Thank You Sir. But the legal way means informative and post-gig link?

Basically I don’t know redit policy but try to learn. <3

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