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Is there any guarantee that all V.I.D buyer is a worth to serve client?

Hello my friend, I see that Fiverr has implemented a new status for client, which is top buyer, a V.I.D
I tried to click the learn more to see when / how this status applied to some buyer, but it seems I can’t find the relevant link.
So I’m trying to guess, maybe this is applied to a buyer with multiple order, oftenly gave a good review to seller and something else.

I have some customer that has this V.I.D status and I can say that almost all of them, maybe 95-98% was a very nice buyer.
But there is some number, not too big, maybe below 1% of my total customer that had this V.I.D status but has a “I’m sorry I have to say this” not good attitude / nice behavior.

For example, this just happened. I have a buyer, this is the 3rd time we work together.
For the last order, he asked for the logo, gave me instructions and send me some sketch of what I should make and I make it like that.
It was like about 3 months ago.
And then he disappear and the order was automatically closed. And then no communication at all.
Suddenly he appear and told that he didn’t like what I made and have make the logo outside the Fiverr with other designer.
He show me the result and that is something different from what he request to me. I can do it like that if the brief is clear enough.

I asked him to show me what he tell to the other designer (with the name of designer covered and not the whole conversation), just the part of the brief he gave so I can understand what he asked to the other designer that he can get that design, but he refuse.
He just asked me to do another logo design cause he was disappointed and want to replace it with another logo design.
I said okay, I can do a new logo design for this replacement, but I have to know what he said to the other designer so that’s I can understand how he think so this new logo will not disappoint him again, but again he refuse.

He even didn’t show me the high res logo, only the mockup.
i don’t know about this buyer, but he is a V.I.D

the question is, if we face a V.I.D buyer and sometimes they behave / act something that is not comfortable for us, is it okay if we do something like : gave him a negative review / something like that?

Or is there any open forum here where we can share our experience as seller, which buyer that is sometimes annoying to the moon. So we know how to deal with it, when that buyer comes to us.?

I’m sorry if my english language is not good enough and my explanation is not good enough.
Just want to look up for some other experience with V.I.D buyer that is annoying.
Again, I really like how Fiverr implement this status, cause over 98% of my V.I.D customer are really a nice person.


A VID - Very Important Doer, is also known as a Top Buyer.

It just means that they have made a high number of purchases.

Treat them the same as any Buyer.


No company can guarantee certain patrons will behave a certain way.

Running a proper and credible business is how you attract good buyers and repel bad ones.

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Here, this link should work.

(Many old links were broken when the support pages were migrated to wix.)


This is a good advise.
I have trying to forget some buyer like that and focussing on good behavior buyer