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Is there any improvement I can do in my Gig?

I recently created a Gig. Just wanted to know if there is an improvement I can do

Here is a link to my Gig


i think its all about quality with professional work.please make your gig more professional.keep patience and work hard…Best of luck …

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hia. sorry it’s taken me a while. i wanted to give you some feedback for your gig, but i wanted to try you out first, because when a gig is advertised here and it seems too good to be true, it usually is, and i had a project i’d been wanting to do anyway

so i placed an order for a $10 standard package, which gets me 60 mins provided and 30 mins back. plus an extra $5 for a thumbnail. i supplied about 52 minutes of footage and laid some brief instructions, and about a day later received my 28 minute video

and i must say i was pleasantly surprised. you did everything that i asked, i didn’t need a single revision, i watched the video through once and accepted. easiest, most painless experience i’ve had on this site to date, you are a credit of the community. my only gripe might be that the 30 min 1080p AVI was delivered as an attachment along with the thumbnail, as a result it was crunches down to about 4mbps i believe. my source files were 28mbps AVCHD files delivered via google drive and linked in the requirements. overall i as and am genuinely happy though

so as for your gig, the first thing i would say is about that premium package. for just $15, you say you will accept unlimited video, or audio for which you will source royalty free footage, for a 60 minute video. i would at least limit the amount of material you can receive. unlimited means i could provide you with days or weeks worth of material which you would then have 48 hours to edit from when the order was placed, quite possibly putting you in poo creek with no paddle

secondly i think your prices are a little low. you do only offer basic editing, as clearly and honestly stated on your gig and profile so i don’t think you can charge top dollar, however you are not a $5 service. i would recommend consulting fellow video editors about this

a couple of alarming thing, i downloaded the video to watch it before finalising the order. it wasn’t watermarked. the thumbnail was, but not the video, and as stated i downloaded it through the order page itself. as i said, the video is an AVI. i don’t know if that’s normal. also, my entire video is on your profile, which surprised me. i don’t mind at all, i was expecting a few minutes clip of the meerkats or something though. again, this is the only time i’ve ordered a service like this through fiverr, so i don’t know what the standard is

other then that i think you’re going far, i’m just glad i got in whilst i can afford it ^^

i have my video on in the background by the way :slight_smile:


Try to improve your video a bit more. Also, I saw you using stock videos be careful if sellers use those without a proper license it may get copyright strike always try to sell original content.
Good luck

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i should mention stock music was used in my video that requires add links to the youtube description, these two links were provided to me with the delivery (which is fine by me and i will). that tells me that any stock material would be used with due diligence and you will be warned of any issues, which if you ask me is refreshing for fiverr

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Thank you for your advices and for liking my work. It is the best reward for me.
But I want to know if buyers do not like if the video format is in AVI. I send it in AVI because it’s file size is very less as compared to the file format mp4. But the video quality is same.
I think I provide basic editing(I am learning advance editing) and I am a no level seller, so the only thing buyers will attract is I think low price. Once I learn some advance editing and my level is up, I will increase the price of each package by $5 I guess.

About the watermark, watermark is activated for this gig. But I just read there that this feature will apply watermark only on images. I used to think watermark is applied on the videos also.That’s why I alwys write in delivery description that watermark will disappear once you accept the order.Because I read 2 to 3 times on forum that buyer gave bad review because of the watermark.
I don’t know how to apply watermark on videos!!