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Is there any improvements I can do on my gig?

Hello, I have been on fiverr for around 2.5 months and I’ve gotten 3 orders. Not so happy about that. One day I looked at my views and clicks and I got 129 views in one day but then it dropped back to 2-6 views. I want to keep the views/clicks like that but I don’t know how. I think my gig title, description, and what I offer is great but I can’t get any orders/ views. I haven’t gotten an order in 1 month.

Please keep in mind, the exact same services you offer are also being offered by hundreds of other sellers. To be successful, you need to stand out somehow. Offering “professional and stunning video editing” doesn’t stand out from the crowd. How can you adapt your sales, and stand out from your many competitors?

You don’t have to put “CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING” on every single one of the package descriptions, especially since you put it in your description.

You should also work on actual package descriptions (aka the amount of work you’re doing) instead of just restating the price that’s at the top. Having a clear pricing on what you’re doing (e.g. $5 for a 2 minute video or whatever you choose)

I could do the hard work for you for a price of only 5 dollars!

But you have gig packages that go beyond five dollars…? Maybe take the line out of your description entirely and just say that your services are a value deal.

In short, rework gig packages, and revisit your description for inconsistencies.

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Thank you for the detailed reply, I will work on my gig a little bit and can you maybe review it if I’m going on the right track? Thank you!

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No guarantee, but if I’m free and hanging around then I might :slight_smile:

Hello, I am back haha. Anyways, I changed my gig, if you have any spare time can you review it?? Thank you!

I think they look good! The packages and descriptions are pretty thorough. Although usually unlimited revisions aren’t recommended, I feel like that’s something you could change up after you get some more reviews.:slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m working hard to get more buyers/orders! I wish you luck on your fiverr journey :slight_smile:

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