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Is There any Keyword Research Tool For Fiverr Which Will Show Search Statistics on Fiverr?


I am FA_Shopnil. I have joined fiverr for 4 days. I have worked in Google keyword research tool. That Tool was very helpful. we can find highest searched keyword in google by using that tool. I am asking that is there any tool that can show me search trends in fiverr?? Like in a month “web research” keyword is searching in fiverr for 20000 times and “market research” is keywords hit is 30000. Can anyone help me with it? i need to optimize my gig according to these keyword results.
Thanks In Advanced.
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Not that I’m aware of, I’m afraid.

If anyone else knows anything different, I’m sure they’ll chip in. :slight_smile:


No unfortunately not but you will find that people generally search for similar phrases in whatever Search Engine they use, whether it is Google or Fiverr. You could use Google’s tool to see the comparative volumes and work from that.


Thanks you Very Much For Your suggestion. :slight_smile: